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 An automotive lifestyle inspired event, that gathers together all of those who seek excitement, adventure, and accomplishment with their car.  Ensuring every stop along the way is a new experience to the last.                             


Our mission is simple, to remind everyone of the one of a kind fun that we can have on an epic journey. We come from all sides of the car community, meaning our events cater to every motor-head! 

Imagine getting your car and your crew and hitting the road with some of the best people you'll ever meet in the best cars you'll ever see?

We have all kinds of cars on our events, from the most exotic supercars to classic cruisers and everything in between! You'll see Ferraris cruising beside Skylines, VW Beetles cruising beside Ford Mustangs....sounds like a video game, right?

Every single Crewsade event showcases some of the world's most famous cities, driving locations, party venues, motorsport events, and individuals along the way. All you are required to do is pay the entry fee and we will have all of the above covered and pre-arranged.


 It's the event of a lifetime. A thoroughly planned road trip spanned over a certain amount days and locations all over Europe.


 To us, cars are not just four-wheeled appliances that serve as commuter slaves. They are a way of expressing our individuality, our sense of style & Imagination. Most importantly, our mode of adventure.


A group of individuals who have a collective passion for vehicles makes a crew….coming together and hitting the road on an unforgettable, transcontinental adventure makes a CREWSADE!

The designs are aimed at the motoring & action sport worlds, whilst keeping a current fashion element and catering for any forms of personal inner style.  

We pick some key events to activate our pop up store program, where you can come and hang out with the team, see some epic cars, sign up the events and of course score some merch! Keep an eye on our social media and website for updates.

It's rare that a clothing brand's apparel in the automotive scene doesn’t shrink, fade or just generally feel like a lower quality. All of the Crewsade clothing is retail-specific and printed on the finest, hand-picked, quality controlled garments. All sourced from some of the best apparel manufacturers across the globe. 
There is big love at Crewsade for our clothing. Our view is - if the car looks sharp, so should the driver.

About: About
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