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Brighton To Bristol Roadtrip - Postponed.

We are crushed to publically announce that the upcoming Crewsade Road trip 'Brighton To Bristol' due to take place from Dec.10-Dec.13 is postponed until further notice. All event drivers, Co-Drivers, Staff and Sponsors were informed with as much notice as possible.

This week should have seen us all making final preparations for our final event of the year, but due to a massive uphill battle trying to ensure an enjoyable time for everyone combined with following Covid-19 rules. Crossing tiers, curfews and much stricter rules just made it unrealistic to work this time around.

We are still deciding on the new dates but I can assure you it won't be far away. For now, the event entry form is closed and you can no longer enter.

It has been a challenging year, pushing the brand and planning events in 2020. So I thank you all for your continued love and support. This year has been so tough on everyone!

Thank you to you all!

Al, Alan P & Baggsy

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