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FLS - The Godfathers of wrap

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

So we first got introduced to Ash and boys from FLS Wraps back in 2019! They were seeking a test subject in the form of a supercar to trial out some new 3M material. We donated our 2014 Ferrari F12 for the media project! The final result was the insane light sensitive flip material you probably seen it sporting for 2020!

Hard to actually say what colour this was exactly, sometimes it was bronze, sometimes gold, purple and even green! It was mental, like a giant, V12 mood ring. 😏

Since then we have had on going partnership with this amazing company, their customer service, quality of work, turnaround time and facility is second to none! They're the graphic and livery masters, taking every project to the next level with reflective technology! Completing projects for Monster Energy Teams like, BaggsyBoy & Luke Woodham. Global Brands like Players & WheelPros Europe and personalities like The Futuristic Polarbears & The Kyza!

FLS joins us on every Crewsade road trips! Supplying and fitting all of the vehicle rally graphics with specialised 3M 'Easy On - Easy Off' Material! Perfect for some of the special vehicles we get signed up. So entrants just arrive and FLS take it from there!

You can always spot Team FLS with their signature green/black reflective fast Audi's! Although for 2021 we've heard they're building something crazy special for the road.

On top of professionally fitting all vehicles at Crewsade Road Rallies, Ash & his team gave the Crewsade staff & media company vehicles a "stand out from the crowd" both on and off the road. Bringing our signature under-print to life with the insane 3M reflective technology!

So as 2021 rolled in, we all decided it was time to update the look of the F12, something a bit more in your face, because a howling V12 Ferrari isn't in your face enough! So the Ferrari F12 went from this....

In to get dismantled, a full body breakdown! FLS don't F**k around.

Sorry for the sketchy phone pics, we went in and papped quick to let the guys concentrate at the task at hand. Dismantling and reassembly of vehicles (especially supercars) takes a-lot of patience! We didn't wanna get in the way of the FLS team while practicing their craft.

To this! How sick does this look? The 3M 2080 gloss sky blue transformed the look of this 730Bhp V12 Monster! Lines that were darkened by its previous look have now been highlighted. I think it's time we done a media project around its new look. We are honoured to continue our alliance with the UK's leading Graphics and Branding company into 2021 season,

Next in line to get its 2021 look is our Mclaren 650s! Since it is part of our headline sponsor collaboration with ECIGONE, we have something special in mind with the design team down at FLS. Stay tuned, this will need its own news post when its done!

A few words from Ash the FLS boss man: "We love doing projects alongside the Crewsade brand, there is never any limitations on how creative it go with graphics. We have followed the CS team's journey from the very beginning and its been amazing to see it grow so strong here in the UK. So excited to do more events with them in 2021" So are we! Let's SEND IT!

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