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Introducing the worlds first 1000hp Nissan Navara-R!

You may have heard a little news last week from @baggsyboyuk when he announced his latest project! With this being said, this is no little project. In fact, the new build will be formed from a completely stock 2017 Nissan Navara to a fire breathing, tyre smoking 1000hp beast, using the original Nissan GT-R #VR38 engine up front, alongside the complete GT-R running gear to make the truck feel like you're driving a supercar!

@SB Motorsport, the company behind Europe’s wildest Nissan GT-R Drift car build are taking full advantage of workshop downtime and using it to plan the launch of its most challenging build to date - a GT-R powered Nissan Navara. Nissan’s workhorse is about to meet its flagship engine product, The VR38 twin-turbo GT-R engine as the team will replace the standard diesel option for a performance punching engine package from the infamous GT-R sports car, cultivating a pick-up with over 1000hp on tap.