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Introducing the worlds first 1000hp Nissan Navara-R!

You may have heard a little news last week from @baggsyboyuk when he announced his latest project! With this being said, this is no little project. In fact, the new build will be formed from a completely stock 2017 Nissan Navara to a fire breathing, tyre smoking 1000hp beast, using the original Nissan GT-R #VR38 engine up front, alongside the complete GT-R running gear to make the truck feel like you're driving a supercar!

@SB Motorsport, the company behind Europe’s wildest Nissan GT-R Drift car build are taking full advantage of workshop downtime and using it to plan the launch of its most challenging build to date - a GT-R powered Nissan Navara. Nissan’s workhorse is about to meet its flagship engine product, The VR38 twin-turbo GT-R engine as the team will replace the standard diesel option for a performance punching engine package from the infamous GT-R sports car, cultivating a pick-up with over 1000hp on tap.

No stranger to undertaking big challenges, Essex (UK) based, SB Motorsport have a proven track record in outrageous builds and delivering products to global recognition. Their previous Nissan GT-R drift car (#LSXR35) claimed worldly accolades and has been seen in multiple online videos racking up millions of views since its launch back in 2017.


SB Motorsport founder, Stephen “Baggsy” Biagioni says "This project has always been on the cards for SB Motorsport, ever since our initial GT-R project. With racing currently on hold this was the break we needed to re-visit the idea and bring it to fruition. We have the best partners and they share our vision to create another great vehicle that will challenge the normalities of what’s possible, this is going to be an exciting mix of performance meets practicality." - He continues "The Navara-R as we have already dubbed it, will challenge our in-house know-how. With this build, the aim is to keep the Navara road-legal, all the mod-cons of the vehicle, rather than creating a race-car chassis with minimal extras."

"I'm confident in our team here at SB Motorsport, and honestly excited to see the development and work alongside our partners, who happen to be the world’s leading experts in their respected fields."


The Nissan Navara will maintain as much of a factory finish interior as possible. However with nearly 1000bhp, the chassis will use all the GT-R suspension set up for superior handling to its forecourt counterparts.

Ian & Corbin

SB Motorsport is taking fans along for the ride with a series of interactive “Mission CTRL: Navara-R” Livestreams, on Baggsy’s YouTube channel. The live, interactive shows will be packed with features and will include lots of special guests, exclusive behind the scenes access and a chance for viewers to interact and influence on how the Navara-R turns out.

With only one week until their first interactive livestream, we’re getting excited! Head over to Baggsy’s YouTube Channel next Wednesday (10th June) to check it out - We will be releasing more information next week.

For more build updates - follow Instagram accounts: @BaggsyBoyUK & @SBMotorsport

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