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London's Calling - The Visual Life

We've had the pleasure of hanging out with Oscar Aka The Visual Life over the last few weeks, getting to know the man behind the insane Tik Tok photography page. Incase you haven't heard of him, hit play below. This guy is pure talent with a camera.

Combine these mad skills with our Mclaren 650s, Nissan S14a and the London city setting and you some absolute gold. This ain't your average photography, just check these out. New phone wallpapers? Got you bro.

Big Trouble in little China. The Crewsade Silvia aired-out and looking mean as hell in this!

Drift cars and cobbles usually don't like each other, but just look at them colours pop. The FLS 3m reflective wrap also coming to life is just insane.

Oscar and his crew are extremely creative, brainstorming every aspect of the locations chosen, including the ones in between while moving. Like this moody tunnel shot on the way to central London. Cracker!

We're all into different types of vehicles, its reflected in everything we do, especially our road trips. So we decided if the S14 is getting all these special images, it would only be a shame if our Mclaren 650s didn't! An all black on black car at night, supposedly the hardest thing to photograph.

It's safe to say The Visual Life nailed it. Hopefully more insane images incoming soon! Shoutout Oscar, Baggsy and his crew for making this happen. FOLLOW The Visual Life: Instagram: Click Here Facebook: Click Here Website: Click Here

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