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There's some hose in this house....

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

We are absolutely buzzing to finally announce our partnership with SAMCO SPORT! Unless you've spent the last 26 years under a rock, you will know that Samco is the leading boss brand of automotive performance hose technology.

We popped their roadtrip cherry last year for our Essex to Edinburgh event, they came as guests and left as family! Just like all of our entrants! You probably noticed the #TeamSamco Audi!

You'll find their expertly handcrafted products in the engine bays of the worlds most well known race cars, supercars, insane builds and unique projects! Which is exactly the kind of mixture you find on our Crewsade adventures. It was only right to bring both brands together on the road! To say that we are excited to unveil our plans for this partnership for the 2021/22 seasons would be a serious understatement!

These guys pretty much do a hosekit for every moving vehicle under the sun, even if you're doing a conversion or something insanely rare, Samco can custom make you any hose shape, any length (wahey) style and colour.

"Samco Sport hoses are expertly handcrafted to the highest automotive standards using the best quality fabrics. They are 100% visually inspected, and our lifetime guarantee ensures they are the best hoses money can buy. Hand made and tested in our own UK factory. Tried, tested and trusted by professional race teams and driven by enthusiasts." Hit them up :

When we said any moving vehicle, we mean it! Some of the worlds biggest drivers from across the globe use Samco, just like 4 time Gymkhana world champion Luke Woodham (Below) and Dakar competitor Niel Hawker! (Above)

Here's some official words from the Samco office! “ Samco Sport® is proud and excited to announce its official partnership with Crewsade for 2021. Having attended the inaugural Essex to Edinburgh event last year, we were impressed with the organisation, atmosphere, and value for money represented by the variety of incredible automotive adventure packages offered by Crewsade. Al and the team have created something which we feel is unrivalled in the UK and encompasses all that we as Samco Sport® stand for as a brand. We have some exciting things planned and we can’t wait to join Crewsade on their automotive adventure journey. See you on the road!”

Stay tuned on our social feeds for our upcoming plans! 2021 is gonna be an amazing year, especially now that we've got hose, in different area codes... FOLLOW SAMCO: Instagram: Click Here Facebook: Click Here Youtube: Click Here

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