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SEMA 2019 between meetings...

Updated: Apr 1, 2020


It's also looking like all Irish, U.K. and European car shows / motorsport events being postponed or cancelled for the next few months, so let's keep things positive by going back through what we got. Now before we go further, I'd like to point out that our visit to the states at this time was purely for meetings, we had no media team or even an actual camera between us. So everything you see below is taken by either myself or Baggsy on our iPhones or a GoPro. Nothing has been edited, just shoot n runs.


Anyway... enough blabber, here is some of the cars that stood out to either myself or Baggsy managed to get a quick shot of between meetings. If you've ever been to Sema you will know that A. its almost impossible to see all of it, and B. Its extremely hard to get a full shot of a car without people being in the shot!

Lets start with straight off the plane, in the Uber to the hotel we spot this rough n ready R32 GTR rubbling beside us in traffic on Las Vegas BLVD. The R32 has only recently become street legal in the states so it was a pretty surreal sight, Sema week or not. Even though I have seen so many of these cars in Europe at events over the years, it was like I'd seen one for the first time. I think the video game-like backdrop of the strip made it look like something straight out of 'Gran Turismo' picture mode or even 'GTA'.

"Can I take your bags sir" Yeah as soon as I get a snap of this Ninja Turtle, Liberty Walk, Ferrari F430. Only ever seen newer Rarri's done by LB so this caught our attention right outside our hotel! Jet lagged AF.

While on the subject of Ferrari's, walkin