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Ultimate Dubs 2020 with the #FLSRS3 ⚡️

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We take a trip back to the first weekend of March.. Ultimate Dubs, Telford International Centre.

We had the awesome opportunity to road trip up to the show from our home base, the @SBMotorsport Hub in Southend. Four hours drive and last minute calls for the car to be involved and on the @Players_Shows stand inside the hall.

Easy mission with cruise control right? A few hours later and we were parked up on the Players stand, aired out the @air_lift_performance suspension and @sonax_germany cleaning products in hand.. It was time to clean the road grime off the green beast.

I thought I was in for a night on the town that evening.. but forgetting I booked a hotel room far away from anyone else! Yep.. it was the converted student halls at the Telford university. A quick taxi ride from @LukeWoodham1 and I was there, thanks Luke! Dominos ordered to the local pub and chowed down on the best meal deal there is.

Falling asleep whilst watching the worlds smallest TV in my rented room.. I heard faint groans from the room next door.. a little closer listen with the Transformers movie muted.. yes.. I had chosen a room next to a couple who were doing the dirty. Awesome.

Anyway, moving onto the event itself and another taxi ride from Luke, we were in the show. This being my first Ultimate Dubs I had nothing to compare it to so I started walking around and snapping photos of some cool cars I found in the halls.

A long day and successful conversations with potential clients, it was overall an awesome event to start off the busy seasons ahead. I’d have to say I would definitely come back in 2021.

More photos below!

Lee Cooke

Instagram: leecooke

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