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We partner up with Vehicle detailing masters SONAX ⚡️

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Want your vehicles squeaky clean? Never fear! Sonax is here! We’re proud to announce that we have partnered up with SONAX to provide all our detailing needs!

Since the 1950s, Sonax has been killing the car cleaning game. Whether you're a driveway detailer or a full car valeting master, these guys will have whatever product needed to get your vehicle poppin'.

All Crewsade event entrants will be given a complete explicitly manufactured ‘On The Road’ car care package as part of their driver kit, isn't that sick? ⁣

The Sonax European Road Crew will be joining us in something special for the Road To Gatebil event too... But you will have to wait until the official event launch to find out what!

For more info on their products, go follow @sonax_germany, the official Crewsade car cleaning partner ⚡️


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