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Local ‘Mini Meet’ went big.

Its a Sunday afternoon and you’re scrolling through Facebook, bored out of your mind and then you see it.. a local car meet down the local Sainsbury’s. You message some of your mates asking if they’re going, they message their mates about it, and then their mates, and then… you probably get it.. but now there are about 100 people who know of someone going, so the word gets out. You roll down the road in your pimped out granny car to find a space in the carpark to do your best scene parking.. have a puff on your vape, roll up your windows and climb out.. then you hear it, the pop and bang map on your mans Fiesta and you know. You have arrived.

These meets haven’t been around for the past few months during this pandemic, but now, It’s go time. The ‘Bad Taste Racing’ guys never knew what would happen when they put out an event on Facebook, stating a time and place for a static meet at their local supermarket carpark. Word definitely got around.

Now I’m from Guildford, Surrey and not really used to the scale that the London/Essex car scene is, or has been over recent years. There used to be a ‘Guildford Cruise’ back in the first few years after I started driving but now the Guildford scene had died down and I think this is mainly due to the mass of police that patrol the area.

That sunny Sunday afternoon I was down the BTR hub getting our cars ready, when 6pm rolled around we left for the meet location, unknowing what the night will bring. When we pulled up there were already a few people, we thought this was a good sign. Swiftly after we parked up, cars just started arriving, and kept arriving, until about 8pm came and the whole carpark was rammed with people, fellow enthusiasts who all share the same passion, their cars.

Everyone that goes to regular street meets always know there will be a few people who want to show off that their car pops, throws flames or they just want to be a tit and randomly rev their engine. Generally it's a Focus or Fiesta, yeah we know everyone agrees. And funnily enough, most of the time they have the same ‘Ford Performance’ sunstrip. But I guess this is also a Honda thing too, c’mon we all know a Honda guy..

When there’s tyre smoke, you will usually find someone doing something people want to see, so when there’s a crowd, you usually follow..

Some people didn’t get the whole ‘static meet’ rule though, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Now we don’t condone any of this behaviour at all, not on the public streets. But for the purpose of being able to tell a story, I had to get involved and capture what was happening.

After this we decided to move on to a second location before anyone got caught by the police, so the word got out, second location was this.. Now.. the second location is where things got interesting. I’ll just let my photos tell the story.

Nights like this are awesome, mainly because it’s the unexpected. I think anyone who comes to these types of meets are enthusiasts, no matter if it’s the old boy in the 1960’s mustang, or the kid in the fiesta. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves, checking out other builds or even just a reason to get out the house and chill with some likeminded people. The easy nights where there’s no trouble.

So keep watching, we might launch a CREWSADE street meet soon.

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