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Return of the Mac

Our 650S is finally rocking its new 2021 Ecigone X Crewsade design. Since we have a Mclaren and an E-Cig Vape company, we decided it was only fitting to pay homage to classic 80s/90s Marlboro race cars. Since our office is based here at Rockingham Motor Speed way, we thought we'd make use of the urban setting of the now abandoned areas of this once amazing race track.

Team FLS knocked it out of the park again! We are constantly blown away by the quality and smooth execution from concept to creation. There is no limits with how creative you can be, if you want it Ash and his team will print it!

To compliment the new look, we brought in the extremely talented skills of Shyam Rajdev. Who's mostly known for his work with Formula 1 superstar 'Lewis Hamilton' and being on tour shooting with Monster Energy.

We are always grateful to have such amazing sponsors and partners with us, including our headliner, the UK's best online vape store, Ecigone.

After getting all the Urban shots we needed, it was time to hit the road and change the contrast to the British countryside with some rolling shots. Blessed with an amazing summers evening and two insane tracking cars, we were able to capture greatness.

Gotta love the UK's DVLA system giving us the ability to get creative with our custom reg plates.

Gotta love rolling shots,

Our Ferrari F12 and the FastR Toyota Yaris GR joined us as tracking cars for the spin. We will share some more photos of these two amazing vehicles in our next blog post! So different from each other but equally as great.

Further plans with the 650 project include wheels, tyres and exhaust upgrades. We also have some body styling changes coming soon. Follow - ECIGONE - Shyam_Radjev - HarryParvin Also check out their websites:

- - - Click the red and follow You will find this car and more on this years Crewsade Events. Thanks for hanging out!

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