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Essex To Edinburgh, from the perspective of a creator.

Essex to Edinburgh, the first Crewsade branded roadtrip. This event was f*cking awesome. And considering all the current rules and sh*t going on around us, it was good to get out, be with a great bunch of people, cool cars and have fun, I think it’s what was needed after the lockdowns earlier in the year.

Day one, getting to sleep at about 3am isn’t always a great thing when you’ve got to be up at 7 to trek across to Essex to the first location of the trip. But.. I got there, parking up my sh*tbox BMW outside this grand 5 star hotel brought a smile to my face.. and probably a lot of others, wondering why someone had dumped some scrap next to a supercar! Stance parked at its finest, I headed to the Pavilion building where the event sign on and the first nights event was taking place. Set up and branding was our first mission, and the Sonax goody bags were putting my ocd to the test.. Al wanted some branded free stuff placed inside, so like CS facemasks, Samco keyrings, stickers and our itinerary for the weekend etc.. I had to go through each bag to make sure they were all organised in the same way! Damn ocd!